Strong teams deliver better results

If you’ve ever tried to lead a team or been part of one, you know that conflict-ridden teams accomplish very little. Dysfunctional teams are not only unproductive, they also breed churn, sap management resources, and can create legal exposure for your organization.

Bounce-Forward offers a suite of evidence-based team development services that help struggling teams work together effectively to achieve business results. Our programs can also set grassroots teams up for success and peak performance from day one.

Why invest in your teams

Strengthening your teams:

  • Reduces turnover and absenteeism
  • Improves productivity
  • Creates a more satisfying and healthier work environment
  • Enables innovation and creativity to flourish

When we arm your teams with skills for problem-solving and conflict-resilience, the results can be transformative. High-performing teams are clear on their goals and have the skills to build trust and act constructively when conflict arises.

"When people come together and set aside their individual needs for the good of the whole, they can accomplish what might have looked impossible on paper. They do this by eliminating the politics and confusion that plague most organizations. They get more done in less time and with less cost. Further, when it comes to helping people find fulfillment in their work, there is nothing more important than teamwork. It gives people a sense of connection and belonging, which ultimately makes them better parents, siblings, friends, and neighbors. Building better teams is not only good for the bottom line, it creates positive impact that goes far beyond the walls of your office."

Patrick Lencioni

Our Programs

In addition to team coaching, we offer the following team development programs, arming your teams with insight and skills for problem-solving and conflict-resilience.

Building Conflict-Competent Teams is a one-day workshop during which participants learn strategies to build their team’s capacity to resolve differences and work together more effectively. Pre-work includes participant completion of the Conflict Dynamics Profile™ instrument, a powerful tool to enhance awareness of one’s personal conflict management style and hot buttons.

Understanding Individual & Group Styles is a half- to full-day workshop leveraging the proven Everything-DiSC® instrument. In addition to understanding individual and team strengths and differences, team members identify and commit to specific and meaningful ways to work together differently to support greater job satisfaction and performance.

Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ learning experience.  We are among the few authorized partners for the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ program, based on the work of best-selling author, Patrick Lencioni. With this program, participants learn how they, as a team, score on the key components of the Five Behaviors™ model: trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, and results. Our proprietary program delivery method combines the proven Five Behaviors™ tools with team coaching to ensure measurable progress over time.

Creating sustainable change

Personal accountability is an important element in all of our team development programs. Throughout each engagement, team members report on progress as they practice new behaviors and attain higher levels of performance.

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