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January 2015

Hello world!

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Whoo-hoo!  The first day of Bounce-Forward blog, a forum dedicated to providing ideas, tools, and a reflective space for those experiencing difficult transition at work or at home.

We believe it’s not the absence of challenge that determines a richly experienced and fulfilling life.  Instead, it’s how we transform ourselves during periods of significant change that allows us to expand our perspective and potential, realize greater well-being, and achieve more meaningful results.  Yes, both at work and at home!

In this community forum, we’ll explore ideas and distinctions from a variety of disciplines, including behavioral science, positive psychology, neuroscience, coaching, and business that, for many, have allowed them to achieve forward positive movement—through adversity to more fulfilling and meaningful lives.

From workplace dysfunction to personal tragedy,  it’s how we face and handle life’s challenges that make the difference between being stuck and bouncing-forward.  Here’s to bouncing-forward!

I welcome your comments, thoughts, suggestions and needs.